Hey, I'm mandy.

Visual designer with 12+ years of experience in print, digital and UX design

Cultivator of brands and all-things-marketing for corporations, local businesses and charitable organizations

Alabama native, Nashville resident, typeface fanatic, music festival lover and cheeseburger enthusiast


my background

Coming from a family of teachers, nurses and farmers inspired me to pursue a future in empathy and connection. Thankfully, I found that future in design.

After studying studio art in high school and receiving a BFA in Visual Communication, I started working in print and brand design. It didn’t take long for me to discover that good design isn’t simply creating a pleasing aesthetic — it’s about understanding, defining and testing. For over 12 years now, I have practiced and developed those skills through full-time designer roles at Zeitlin Sotheby’s Realty along with various  freelance opportunities. My work has involved UX design (across the product lifecycle), email marketing strategy and design, graphic design, web design, brand design and solving problems for companies throughout a wide range of industries.

Experiencing a diversity of roles, project types and people has helped me to practice communicating with clarity and using resilience and resourcefulness in the face of (inevitable) obstacles. By bringing empathy, thoughtfulness and human connection to the design process, I help to solve real-life problems with practical design solutions. Most importantly, I value collaboration – that’s why I always invite feedback, help others and stay humble.

At the end of the day, I strive to deliver high-quality, data-driven design that balances usability with simplicity and elegance. My goal is to leverage my design and problem- solving skills in an environment that truly values design-thinking and to “do good work for good people.” – Aaron Draplin.